Window Film

Window film and window filming can be beneficial in many ways. Materials are available that can drastically reduce heat, glare and even fading and can even protect you from a bomb blast.

Window Film, when professionally installed, is long lasting and resistant to everyday wear. Most manufacturers offer a 10-year guarantee on their materials.

Filming Windows can improve the general appearance of older buildings by making the glass look uniform from the outside and improving the working environment on the inside.

Window Film Reduces Cooling Costs

Some can reduce cooling costs in the winter and in some instances, reduce the cost of heating in the winter.

Window Film Reduces Fading

Some highly reflective materials can deflect as much as 80% of the Sun's heat.

Some optically clear films can filter as much as 99% of harmful ultraviolet rays, practically eliminating furniture and carpet fade without visibly reducing light or vision.

Glare Reducing Window Film

If glare is a problem and staff can't see their computer monitors, window filming can make even the sunniest office a more comfortable, productive place to work.

Based on Surrey / Sussex border we are ideally placed for window film fitting in the London and South East areas. We have a wide network of fitters across most of the country so that we can give cost effective prices to most areas of the UK.

You will agree that filming windows is a versatile solution to many office problems. Contact us for a quote and you will see that it is also a cost effective one.

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